Félag verslunar og skrifstofufólks (FVSA) is a trade union that works on behalf of retail and office workers. The union service area includes all of Eyjafjörður; Akureyri, Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður Siglufjörður, Svalbarðseyri and Grenivík.

The object of the union is to secure improvements in pay, benefits and working conditions through collective bargaining on behalf of its members. FVSA is a member of LÍV (The Commercial Federation of Iceland) and ASÍ (the Icelandic Confederation of Labour).

FVSA members are offered:

  • Assistance in calculation of wages, interpretation of collective wage agreements, and in resolving disputes in the workplace
  • Information about rights and responsibilities
  • Assistance in the negotiation of employment contracts
  • Legal assistance with regard to wage terms and the collection of salary claims, e.g. due to company bankruptcy
  • Access to holiday apartments and houses owned by the union
  • Reimbursement for rehabilitation, preventive health measures and more
  • Subsidy of education and courses

Become a member of FVSA

In Iceland about 85% of the labour are members of unions across the country. FVSA membership fees are 1% of your salary which your employer deducts from your paycheck and delivers to the union. After paying the first month of membership you are entitled to assistance from the union. Your employer pays a contribution to your membership as follows:

  • 1% to the sick-pay fund

  • 0,25% to the holiday fund

  • 0,3% to the vocational training fund

To become a member of FVSA you can fill out the following application and then inform your employer of your decision to become a member of FVSA.


Office hours

Main office in Akureyri:

As a member of the union you can request assistance regarding your rights. Our service representatives in Akureyri are available during office hours which are following:

Skipagata 14 – third floor

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 08:00-16:00
Friday: 08:00-13:00

Phone: 455-1050

Email: fvsa@fvsa.is

Service in Fjallabyggð – Siglufjörður

In the Siglufjörður office members of FVSA can access keys to holiday homes and submit applications for reimbursement and subsidy to the union. Other requests are redirected to the main office in Akureyri.

Eyrargata 24b

Opening hours: weekdays 09:00-16:00

Phone: 460-3620

Email: thorey@ein.is 

Collective wage agreement for members of FVSA

The collective wage agreement ensures minimum terms for all employees unless special terms or company agreements are made. FVSA is a member of LÍV (The Commercial Federation of Iceland) and has made the following agreements in collaboration with them: 

Collective wage agreement between FVSA / LÍV and the Confederation of Icelandic enterprises (SA)

The current collective wage agreement is valid from 1st of February 2024 to 1st of February 2028.

Employment terms from the previous wage agreement still apply.

Note that this is a translation, in matter of dispute, please refer to the original in Icelandic.

Collective wage agreement between FVSA / LÍV and the Icelandic federation of trade (FA)

The current collective wage agreement with FA is valid from valid from 1st of February 2024 to 1st of February 2028. 

Note that this is a translation, in matter of dispute, please refer to the original in Icelandic.

For further assistance please visit us at the office or contact us via e-mail fvsa@fvsa.is or thelephone +354 455 1050.

Holiday fund

FVSA union owns several holiday apartments in Reykjavík and holiday houses in Vaglaskógur, and Illugastaðir that can be rented by members all year round. During the summer the union has access to three other holiday houses around the country.

Overview of holiday properties HERE

Summer rent

The summer period is from the beginning of June until the end of August. Due to high demand members need to apply for a holiday home for the summer through the union´s website. Allocation is based on two factors; demand and membership point system (members of the union collect points for each month that they pay their membership fee).

FVSA calls for applications for summer rent early in the year and allocation takes part around March/April. After the allotment takes place the union opens up for bookings for periods still available, here the rule first comes first served applies.

Winter rent

When allocation for the summer takes place, the union´s website opens up for winter bookings. The rule for the winter is first comes first serves.

How to book a holiday house/apartment

At the FVSA website is a link to the member´s inner web where you can request/book a holiday house/apartment. If you need assistance or have questions regarding the Holiday Fund please do not hesitate to contact us at fvsa@fvsa.is or via phone +354 455-1050. 

Other holiday benefits

Through the union members can apply for holiday grants (allocation applies). Furthermore members can purchase subsidized fishing- and camping cards and hotel- and flight tickets. For further information you can contact the office.

Sickness and contingency fund

The object of the FVSA sickness and contingency fund is to assist union members in case of sickness, accidents or death. Furthermore to subside preventive health measure cost for its members through grants.

If you become ill or have an accident, you are entitled to:

  • Sickness benefits after sick-pay rights expire (80% of wages) for up to 120 days
  • Daily payments for caring for sick children under the age of 18 (80% of wages) for up to 90 days
  • Death benefits


FVSA members earn rights to contingency grants after 6 months of paid membership, or the minimum of 8.400,- kr. In each calendar year level 1 members are entitled to grant total of up to 120.000,- kr and level 2 members are entitled to grant total of up to 40.000,- kr.

  • Level 1 members are those that have equal or higher average salary (of starting wages for shop workers working full time job according to the collective agreement) over 12 month period.
  • Level 2 members are those that pay union fees of minimum 8.400,- kr. up to the requirements needed for level 1 membership over 12 months period.

To apply for a grant you´ll need to bring a valid and dated receipt for your expenses with your name and social security number to the office. You can also send an image of the receipt to fvsa@fvsa.is to apply. This table demonstrates what type of preventive health measures the grant supports.


Percentage of bill paid

Maximum amount paid for level 1 members

Maximum amount paid for level 2 members

Physiotherapy and/or physiotherapeutic massage


70.000 kr.

40.000 kr.

Cancer screening


11.000 kr

 5.000 kr.

Physical fitness


32.000 kr.

20.000 kr.



100.000 kr.

40.000 kr.



26.000 kr.

10.000 kr.



16.000 kr.

5.000 kr.

Glasses or contact lenses*


60.000 kr

12.000 kr.

Hearing Aid*


70.000 kr.

12.000 kr.

IVF or artificial insemination


70.000 kr.

33.000 kr.

Lasik eye surgery*

Rehabilitation and health clinic at Hveragerði


70.000 kr.

100.000 kr.

33.000 kr.

40.000 kr.

Death compensation for active and paying member

If the deceased leaves behind children under the age of 18 


600.000 kr.

800.000 kr. for each child

600.000 kr.

Death compensation for pensioner


150.000 kr.

150.000 kr.

*Every third year

Vocational fund

FVSA members that earn salary equal to or higher than the initial salary of a salesperson earn rights to a 180.000 kr. grant from the vocational fund each calendar year. For those that do not reach the initial salary the grant is calculated based on membership payments made by the applicant. To be eligible for the grant membership fees need to have been paid for at least 3 months of the last 12 months, thereof 1 month of the last 6 months. All rights to the fund are forfeited if dues have not been paid for the last 6 months.   

Grant information

Vocational grant is maximum 180.000 kr. each calendar year. Condition for all grants is that the fund member himself pays the education fees.

  • 90% grant for vocational studies, seminars or conference fee– max 180.000 kr.
  • 50% grant for travel expenses, max 50.000 kr. subtracted from the maximum grant.
  • 50% grant for leisure courses, max 40.000 kr. subtracted from the maximum grant.

If you have not applied to the fund in the last three years but have paid member´s fees for 30 of the last 36 months, you are entitled to ammassed grant that covers 90% of study fee of up to 540.000 kr. for one continuous study.

The vocational fund covers the following studies and courses:

  • Vocational studies or courses
  • Academic studies
  • Language courses
  • Seminars
  • Conferences

Vocational studies have to be job related, proof is required.  You can also apply for courses in building self-confidence and job related executive coaching, max 12 hours each calendar year.

Travel grant (Ferðastyrkur) is for travel expenses. You can apply for the grant when travelling between your place of domicile and the place of the course, seminar or conference, if the distance is a minimum of 50 km. The Travel grant is an independent application. If you are going to apply for „the travel grant“  an application for „Vocational training grant“ has to be submitted first. If the course, seminar or conference is free of charge, a confirmation of registration has to be included in the travel grant application. In that case, an application for „Vocational training grant“ is not needed.

Leisure grant (Tómstundastyrkur) is for Icelandic personal interest course. Conditions for hobby grant are that the course is open for everyone, has a clear start andan  end date and an instructor.

Documents nedded to apply:

Vocational grant:

  • Invoice made out to the applicant
  • Confirmation of payment by the applicant (screenshot from your online bank or confirmation of payment by the applicant)
  • Application for the grant (online)

Travel grant

  • An application for a vocational training grant (if there are no charges, a confirmation of registration from the course, seminar or conference suffices)
  • Copy of the E-ticket, with the reservation confirmation (flight ticket)
  • Application for the grant (online)

Leisure grant

  • Invoice made out to the applicant
  • Confirmation of payment by the applicant (screenshot from your online bank or confirmation of payment by the applicant)
  • Application for the grant (online)

For further assistance please contact the office.

Key words and helpful links

Alþýðusamband Íslands (ASÍ) = The Iclandic Confederation of Labour

Samtök Atvinnulífsins (SA) = Confederation of Icelandic enterprises

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