About FVSA

Félag verslunar- og skrifstofufólks Akureyri og nágrenni ( FVSA ) was established in 1930. The object of the Union is to improve the terms of employment of its members and to protect their rights.

The chairman of FVSA is Eiður Stefánsson, see staff here

FVSA looks out for your interests:

  • FVSA negotiates collective wage agreements and company agreements.
  • FVSA assists in the calculation of wages, the interpretation of collective wage agreements, and in resolving disputes in the workplace.
  • FVSA assists in the negotiation of employment contracts
  • FVSA provides legal assistance with regard to wage terms and the collection of salary claims, e.g. due to company bankruptcy.
  • FVSA issues reminders about its members’ rights in relation to various issues—such as wage increases, vacations, holiday and December supplements, and rest periods—by means of advertisements in the media.
  • FVSA is a member of LÍV and ASÍ (the Icelandic Confederation of Labour).

Your Rights

Please note that this information is based on the Collective Agreement between LÍV/FVSA and The Confederation of Icelandic Employers (Samtök atvinnulífsins, SA).

This is a translation only, in matters of dispute, please refer to the original in Icelandic. For further assistance, please contact FVSA, tel.: 455.1050 or by emailing us, fvsa@fvsa.is.

Collective agreement between LÍV/FVSA and SA


What FVSA does for you

FVSA membership fees are 1 % of your salary. Everyone who has paid a membership fee for one month is entitled to assistance from FVSA and to sickness benefits.

How to become a full member ?

To become a full member and be entitled to the other benefits that such membership covers, you will need to have paid the minimum membership fee during the past 6 months. Your employer pays a matching contribution to your membership fee as follows:

  • 1% to the sick-pay fund
  • 0.25% to the holiday-pay fund
  • 0.30% to the vocational training fund
  • 0.13% to the rehabilitation fund

If you become ill or have an accident, you are entitled to:

  • Sickness benefits after sick-pay rights expire (80% of wages) for up to 120 days.
  • Sickness benefits for accidents suffered during leisure time (80% of wages).
  • Daily payments for caring for sick children under the age of 18 (80% of wages) for up to 90 days.
  • Accident, death, and disability benefits for children up to the age of 18.
  • Disability compensation for accidents during leisure time
  • Death benefits.


Maximum grant (100%) is 60.000 ISK  ( 60% grant = 36.000 ISK ) each calendar year:

                                            Percentage of bill                       100% grant       60% grant                         

Physiotherapy                                75%                                  50.000 kr              30.000 kr                           
Cancer screening                            85%                                  10.000 kr               3.000 kr                            
Fitness grant                                  50%                                  30.000 kr              18.000 kr                           Psychotheraphy                              35%                                  35.000 kr              15.000 kr                          
Chiropractor                                   35%                                  25.000 kr              15.000 kr          
Massage                                         35%                                 15.000 kr               5.0000 kr
Eyeglasses, the lenses/Hearing aids 35%                                  25.000 kr               12.000 kr  (every third year)
Artificial insemination/fertilization    50%                                  55.000 kr               33.000 kr  (every third year)
Lasik eye surgery                           35%                                  55.000 kr               33.000 kr  (every third year)
Death compensation for active and paying member                   400.000 kr                                                          
Death compensation for pensioner                                           150.000 kr                                                           Rehabilitation                                                                         Sickness benefit whilst in therapy

Vocational training funds – FVSA

A fund member, with a salary equal to or higher than the initial salary of a salesperson, has a right to a 130.000 ISK grant each calendar year. In order to apply for a grant from the fund, membership fees need to have been paid for at least 3 months of the last 12 months, thereof 1 month of the last 6 months. All rights are forfeited if dues have not been paid for the last 6 months.

Vocational training fund – rights

A grant, maximum amount of 130.000 ISK each calendar year.

90% grant for vocational studies, seminars or conference fee– max 130.000 ISK.
50% grant for travel expenses, max 30.000 ISK subtracted from the maximum grant.
50% grant for leisure courses, max 20.000 ISK subtracted from the maximum grant.

If you have not applied to the fund in the last three years but have been a member for 30 of the last 36 months, you can apply for 90% of the study fee, max 390.000 ISK for one continuous study.

Condition for all grants is that the fund member himself pay the fees.

Documents needed for the grant on websites FVSA https://fvsa.stettey.is/is/starfsmenntasjodur/fraedslustyrkur-rafraent

You can apply for a grant from the Vocational training fund for:

 „Vocational training grant“ (Starfsmenntastyrkur) is for vocational courses/studies, academic studies, language courses, seminars or conferences. Both in Iceland and abroad a vocational course has to be job related, proof is required.  You can also apply for courses in building self-confidence and job related executive coaching, max 12 hour each calendar year.

 What documents do I need to include with my grant application to the Vocational training. An invoice made out to the applicant.

Confirmation of payment by the the applicant. It is enough to send us a screenshot from your online bank (heimabanki) or a confirmation of payment by the applicant.

Information about the conference/course (when it starts and ends).

When applying for a grant for a conference/seminar – A confirmation that accommodation and food during the event (coffee and light meal is ok) are not part of the conference/seminar charges.

„Travel grant“ (Ferðastyrkur) is for travel expenses. You can apply for the grant when travelling between your place of domicile and the place of the course, seminar or conference,  if the distance is a minimum of 50 km. The Travel grant is an independent application. If you are going to apply for „the travel grant“  an application for „Vocational training grant“ has to be submitted first. If the course, seminar or conference is free of charge, a confirmation of registration has to be included in the travel grant application. In that case, an application for „Vocational training grant“ is not needed.

Documents needed for the travel grant on websites FVSA https://fvsa.stettey.is/is/starfsmenntasjodur/fraedslustyrkur-rafraent

A confirmation of payment by the applicant. It is enough to send us a screenshot form your online bank (heimabanki) or a confirmation of payment by the applicant.

Copy of the E-ticket, with the reservation confirmation (Flight ticket).

An application for a vocational training grant (if there are no charges, a confirmation of registration from the course, seminar or conference suffices).

 „Hobby grant“ (Tómstundastyrkur) is for Icelandic personal interest course. Conditions for hobby grant are that the course is open for everyone, has a clear start andan  end date and an instructor.



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